Welcome to
UnderUtopia Records

Home of today's most kickass music, UnderUtopia Records is a record label with a fresh outlook on the music industry and business in general. With a focus on digital sales and marketing UnderUtopia is breaking new ground on the web and beyond.

UnderUtopia Records is proudly sponsored and backed by the following incredibly talented individuals: Tim O'Regan, Andy Riedinger and M. R. Coon. In addition, UnderUtopia Records could not exist without the contributions by the following souls: Jeff Matschiner, Nicole Coon, Krissy Horner, Ben Pallas and Vince Butler.

About UnderUtopia
We are a Minneapolis, Minnesota-based label, but our reach is global. We want to be a clearinghouse for all the great new bands out there. We are looking into ways to change the way "the game" is played by opening up new avenues of promotion for up-and-coming artists. UnderUtopia Records is a net-label with plans for organic growth. We are non-exclusive and we won't rip you off, whether you're an artist or a music fan.

All of us at UnderUtopia Records are eager to chat with you if you have any inquiries. You can reach us at contact@underutopia.com